What it is...

Tomco Chemical’s Liquid Live Micro-Organisms product is a combination of natural liquid live bacteria strains scientifically produced in our plant for farm, home, and commercial use. The proprietary culture consists of both aerobic and anaerobic strains (those requiring oxygen and those not requiring oxygen). These cultures are NON-PATHOGENIC (non-disease bearing) and NON-TOXIC, harmless to animal and marine life.

Our Liquid Live Micro-Organisms are composed of several strains cultured for compatibility with multi-media feeds, promoting growth and self-reproducing colonies. After their incubation period and production cycle is complete, they become dormant (go to sleep) and will remain in this state for long periods of time. When introduced to a polluted area, they self-revive and feed, repeating the reproduction process while attacking the elements causing pollution in water.

Since these are live micro-organisms, they must be seeded (fed) into areas being treated on a regular schedule. Please consult your Tomco Chemical representative for the recommended treatment schedule. You should regularly replace bacteria lost through water runoff or natural death.

NOTE: Micro-organisms in Liquid Live Micro-Organisms are NOT enzymes or spores.

What it does...

The Liquid Live Micro-Organisms reduce hydrogen sulfide (H2S) — a signed of polluted water. H2S is a gas with strong, offensive odors, much like that of rotten eggs. The oxidation process of H2S converts sulfide into a sulfate or sulfur which, in extreme cases of pollution, can be seen bubbling out of the polluted water.

Our Liquid Live Micro-Organisms will also reduce biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), a typical cause of pollution. The presence of H2S, similar to odors emanating from polluted ponds or plants, is a symptom of the problem.

For septic tanks and grease traps, overall efficiency will be increased and the number of cleanings required will be greatly reduced.

NOTE: We do not recommend using Liquid Live Micro-Organisms in a tank or pond where the operator is using a strong alkali, chlorine, acids, or other bactericidal products. Do not use Liquid Live Micro-Organisms where these harmful materials are present until the dilution ratio is great enough for the Liquid Live Micro-Organisms to survive (does not apply to post-chlorination).

Material Safety Data Sheets
You can view the MSDS for the In-Gest-O-Bac products below, in PDF format.



Where to use it...

Any place where there is water pollution:

  • Lagoons and ponds
  • Sewage disposal plants
  • Industrial waste water units
  • Cattle feed lots
  • Swine manure storage pits and lagoons
  • Pulp and paper mill water affluent and holding ponds
  • Oil field slush pits and petroleum waste disposal facilities
  • Septic tanks
  • Grease traps
  • Stormwater ponds and drainage ditches
  • Farmland discharge
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